December 19, 2014

6 Ways to Market Your Business during the Holidays


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It’s 6 days to Christmas and it means additional revenue to your business since everyone is flustering with all the Christmas shopping. However, do note that it does not mean manipulating your marketing just to increase revenue. Instead, think of how you can bring value to your customers during this festive season of giving.

Here are 6 ways on how you can increase seasonal revenue yet provide extra value for your customers.


1. Social Sharing Coupons



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Yes, that four-letters word. SALE. Everyone likes sale, be it seasonal or not. Why not, go the extra mile this Christmas to provide a little more sales, discounts and great deals for your customers. It’s the best way to give back to your customers. Some of the methods can be:

  • “Share with your friends for a 15% discount”
  • “Sign up for our mailing list for a 15% in exchange!”
  • Rewarding your social media fans with a discount code e.g “Christmas20%OFF”


2. Showcase your Product as the “Perfect Gift”



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More often than not, customers when seeking for a gift would not see beyond what it is. The skill to obtain is how to package your products in such a way that it persuades the customers that your product is actually the perfect solution to their gifting problem. It is all about the branding and the packaging. To read more blog posts on branding, click here. 


3. Make Your Product Photos “POP”



One problem with online stores is that customers can’t feel the product (literally and also imaginatively). What you need is a decent photographer who specializes in product photography to ensure that your product photos are aesthetically attractive and matching with your overall website design. At Edifice, our in-house photographer have lots of expertise and knowledge to share. Should you need any help, drop us a message at


4. Enhance your overall website design



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Research has shown that the website design plays a huge and determining effect on deciding whether the customers would return to the site or make a purchase. Ensure that your website looks professional and aesthetically pleasing. During the festive season, don’t forget to inject some festive elements into your overall design so that your customers can feel it too! At Edifice, we  specialize in web development which includes website and e-commerce design. For more information, visit our website or contact us at


5. Announce Deals and Promotions



Market your festive promotions, deals and special products through social media platforms, weekly newsletters or even direct mailers. Customers need to “see” it literally before they are reminded of your product.


6. Hold a Giveaway for Exposure and for Goodwill



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It is truly the season of giving so a little contest and giveaway for your followers and customers would be a win-win situation for all. A successful giveaway would promise stronger new influx of followers and additional exposure for your business.

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