December 29, 2014

7 Technology Trends Businesses should follow in 2015

Technology trends are dynamic and constantly changing and upgrading for the better every year. In order to keep up with the consumer demands and technological advancements, Businesses have to constantly adapt to the trends so as to stay ahead of competitors.

Here are 7 trends you should follow in 2015 if you still want to be in the game.


1. New Social Media Platforms



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With more concerns about major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being data-tracking and manipulative, Ello, the new ad-free platform might be the next big thing due to its lack of data tracking, making it more user-friendly than advertiser-friendly.  When that happens, be flexible and re-strategize your marketing and engagement plans!


2. Content-Driven



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In order to be visible online, businesses need to generate strategic content that can help them in customer retention and acquisition, not to mention boosting your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Make sure that your content connects with and relates to your readers and potential customers. Explore different kind of content, aside from just text.


3. Online Sales



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Online sales have been increasing every year globally, ever since the boom at smart technological gadgets which made online buying more convenient and easier than ever. It’s time to venture onto the online sector if you haven’t. Owning just a brick and mortar store in this century is way too outdated. A professionally done website or e-commerce site is necessary to survive the online battle.


4. Increased Mobile Time


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With increased accessibility to the web, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, meaning that the layout, design and functions of your website are user-friendly on all kinds of mobile devices. Some even venture into creating Mobile Apps to increase their customers’ convenience. Remember, with ease of accessibility comes increased sales.


5. Wearable Technology



Technology is no longer just gadgets that we use. With the new wave of wearable gadgets such as the Apple Watch and Google Glass, technology is becoming highly interactive, personal and convenient for the user. So how can businesses like you get into this market to help solve consumers’ desires and problems?


6. 3-D Technology



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With 3-D technology such as 3D printers, businesses can explore quicker and cheaper prototyping, thus being ahead of their competitors as more stages of production are done in-house and that gives the business more control over the production process.


7. Social Media Engagement



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Enough said; any business that still doesn’t acknowledge the power of social media should get all the help needed. Social media is super effective in connecting with your customers, be it in positive (building relationships and relating to them) or negative (handling complaints or negative reviews) scenarios. Step up to engage actively on your social media platforms!

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