January 16, 2015

9 Web Design Trends you should use in 2015

Trends come and go, and while we are complaining that it is a hassle to keep up with them, we must thank them for increasing effectiveness, and enhancing progress. Now, here are 9 Web Design Trends that you should be familiar with at the tip of your fingers. 


1. Material Design


material design

Image from Google.com/design

Created by Google, Material design is a flat design (2D) which incorporates very subtle colour gradients and movement, achieving a sense of realistic objects, yet still retaining as a flat design.


2. Responsive Web Design


starbucksImage from Squarepocketmedia.com

Responsive Web Design (RWD) has been recognised as the new standard for web design, especially with the mobile platform growing rapidly. It means to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (Desktop computer monitors, Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops), with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling required.


3. Ghost Buttons



Image from bilderphoto.com

Ghost Buttons are transparent squares and rectangles that works the same way as any website buttons and are usually on top of an image. They allow the page to look minimalist, stylish and elegant.


4. Typography



Image from Webflow.com

Oversized typography which are strong, powerful and straightforward, seem to be in trend for bringing out punch lines on the website.


5. Full-Screen Images and Videos




Image from Airbnb.com.sg

Full-screen images and videos as backgrounds are effective in making your website stand out, and also provides the ultimate experience to portray emotions and action. The effect is powerful and amplified.


6. Scrolling over Clicking



Instead of having navigation bars and links to different pages, users prefer everything to be on a single page. By scrolling through the site, it allows interactivity and a new digital storytelling experience that is not  disrupted by navigation clicks and load times.


7. Human Touch


human touch

Image from Adventure.com

Handwritten and hand drawn illustrations are popular as they provide human touch to the technological website, allowing more connection with the users.


8. Card Design


cards design

Image from Pinterest.com

The “Card” Design is not something new as we have seen it in many websites and have known it as the “Pinterest-style” layout. Especially for websites with lots of data to load, this layout keeps the site organised, clean and simple.


9. Personalised UX


personalised UX

Image from Netflix.com 

Using the idea of cookies or cache, this function allows you to display relevant content to users as well as a record of what they have recently browsed through. Major sites like YouTube and Amazon used this function to push out more relevant content to users, while not being too pushy.



Are you looking forward to level up your website design in 2015?

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